Flowdock for Remote Work

flowdock icon for remote workers

Finding which tools work for you and your team can be a tedious task no matter the location. Between encouraging colleagues to become users, create habits, and appreciate the tools, you want to know you’re picking the right app from the get-go, if possible. And what if you are location-less? Then the challenge becomes that little bit more-so, faced with virtual …

Why my remote working Christmas sucked

Image of forest for remote working Christmas

I don’t mean to add to January doom and gloom but I’ve got to be honest with the remote working community right now: my remote working Christmas truly sucked. That is, the working and Christmas combination. Though maybe what I should be saying is the lack-of-working-Christmas part. Let me back up. A few months back, my family planned a Christmas getaway …


Remote working in Barcelona

remote working in barcelona photo of the city

Listening to one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts the other day, he and his fellow Californians were excitedly chatting about Barcelona and their dreams of one day living in Spain’s second biggest city. Beyond the shared palm trees, sunny days and lively tech scene, Barcelona has a little something extra. A little something that makes it one of the coolest places to …


Most Mac and iOS applications are breaking the rules and could be removed, is yours?

Image of broken iphone for Mac and iOS applications are breaking the rules

UPDATE: the follow up to this post has been published: How to legally submit an app to Apple’s App Store when it uses encryption (or how to obtain an ERN) We recently began the journey of submitting Screensaver Ninja to the Mac app store, and found that, thanks to a particular rule and the subsequent, off-putting list of steps one must take, it appears …

Happiness as our culture

Image of happy faces to reflect remote working culture

Being a completely remote working team, our personal lives here at Carousel Apps have become entwined with those of our work life. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they are no longer separate entities, but rather each involves the other to form…well, life as a whole. Personally, as I recently explained in a Remotive article, remote work …

An Accidental Path to Remote Working

Photo of a path symbolising path to remote working

We were never meant to be a remote working team. There was no grand plan to have colleagues spread around the world in incredible cities, but like many great things in life, Carousel App’s path was naturally formed and our feet trod in the direction of remote work. Now, with the team tuning in from Barcelona, Belgrade, Bali and beyond, …