About us

Carousel Apps is a company focused on happiness. We want our customers to be happy and thus we have very liberal refund policies and we try to go out of our way to satisfy.

We also want our team members to be happy. We are a fully distributed, time-flexible company. Everybody works wherever they want, whenever they want and as long as work gets done, it’s ok. We support each other in our individual quests to happiness, talking about our challenges, what we want out of life, sharing our progress.

Meet the team

J. Pablo Fernández' picture

J. Pablo Fernández

CEO & Co-founder

Pablo is a second generation programmer having started when he was 7 years old as well coming from a family of entrepreneurs. His first business was selling hand-made keychains and bracelets, that he made himself, door to door. Today, when he is not making our apps better, he can be found practicing archery or building things.

Vladimir Filipović's picture

Vladimir Filipović

Software Engineer

After meeting Pablo years ago when working at Google, Vladimir joined our team as a top notch developer. With dreams of starting a technology blog which is harder done than said, Vladimir spends his free time travelling, playing games, and dabbling in maths and linguistics.

Mhairi O'Hara's picture

Mhairi O’Hara

Customer Happiness

Mhairi is also a customer happiness representative, helping Amanda, making sure our tickets response time is fast. Mhairi is based in Indonesia which help us easily cover many more time zones. Her passions include Geographical Information Systems and surfing.

Juanjo Conti's picture

Juanjo Conti

Software Engineer

An author of five fiction books in Spanish, as well as an excellent developer, Juanjo has been a programmer since his teenage years. With a degree and Master in Information Systems Engineer, Juanjo is dedicated to building a system to perfection.

Amanda Kendzior's picture

Amanda Kendzior

Customer Happiness

Our customer happiness representative, Amanda ensures everyone uses our apps with a big smile on their face. When away from her – standing – desk, Amanda sidelines as a sports massage therapist, practices a few kicks in capoeira and balances of all that activity with some hearty cooking. And eating, of course.