Screensaver Ninja for Mac OS X 1.2 released, now available in the Mac App Store

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We are very happy to announce the release of Screensaver Ninja 1.2, which includes:

  • Pre-loading of pages so switching is instantaneous.
  • Different content per monitor.
  • Improved performance, specially around cookie management.
  • Configurable user agent, for those old sites that still block browsers.
  • Disabling sites if you don’t want to show them for a while.
  • slideshow.html system for local picture slides.
  • Many bug fixes.

We are very excited about the first two items as it makes the experience with Screensaver Ninja so much richer and smoother.

Download Screensaver Ninja from the Map App Store

This is the first release to go through Apple’s Mac App Store (and it didn’t happen without its pains). This is not a decision we took lightly but after many usability testing, obtaining Screensaver Ninja through the Mac App Store is a much better user experience and this is critical for us. The price for Screensaver Ninja remains the same. If you already have a copy of Screensaver Ninja, don’t worry, we’ll give you coupon code so you can get it for free from the Mac App Store and from now on you’ll get automatic and free upgrades from there. Make sure to follow the instructions in our knowledge about redeeming coupon codes.

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