An Accidental Path to Remote Working

Photo of a path symbolising path to remote working

We were never meant to be a remote working team. There was no grand plan to have colleagues spread around the world in incredible cities, but like many great things in life, Carousel App’s path was naturally formed and our feet trod in the direction of remote work. Now, with the team tuning in from Barcelona, Belgrade, Bali and beyond, we are truly a global team united by our laptops.

How It Began

It started with the loss of shared office space which allowed – and led us – to the acquiring of talent that wasn’t based in the same city. Suddenly, no longer having four walls of confinement meant there was newfound freedom to bring together the best team in the world, not just in London.

And almost two years later, remote working has become a core part of company culture. A feature that not just allows us, but encourages us, to be ourselves and reside where we’re happy, work our most productive hours, and live balanced lives. In fact, let’s just say, it allows us to live.

Map of where the Carousel Apps team remotely works

The World of Carousel Apps

And Where Now?

Saying that, we’re new to this club. We’re still working out just how we should be working. How to overcome the challenges of team unity, work flow, project management, and smooth communication, not to mention building real relationships through virtual means. And how exactly to schedule a meeting when one colleague is waking up in Argentina, whilst the other is settling down for the night in Indonesia (we still haven’t quite figured that one out yet)? We’ve dabbled with ideas, registered with various apps, and created our online water cooler hangout zone, but there remains an evolution towards an optimal remote work flow.

Let’s Share the Journey

And so, we’ve decided to share this journey that we take as well as the culture that we create. Part virtual diary, part advice-giving and plenty advice-seeking, stay tuned to keep on top of the apps that we discover, questions that are asked, and take note of our successes and failures along this accidental path. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself walking it soon as well.

Picture by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

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