Ekoparty 2015 summary

This October the Ekoparty 2015 security conference took place in Buenos Aires. I’ve been hearing about this event for years, and this time, thanks to the support of Carousel Apps, I decided to participate.

The event had two main parts: training (2 days) and conference/talks (the next 3 days). I registered for one of the training courses (Security for web developers by Andrés Riancho) and the participation of the conference days.


When I arrived the first morning I was shocked to see a queue of people two blocks long waiting to register. Fortunately I had registered at the end of my training, so I just walked in. I was expecting a total of 500 people in the conference but I was surprised to know that there were more than 2000 participants.


There were two main spaces in the conference; the stands hall, where sponsors and independent groups have their stands (security companies challenging future employees, free beer, popcorn, weird hardware, free drinks, a table with locks to be cracked using some tools, music, laser lights and many other things to grab your attention), and the main conference room, where the talks took place.

Upon entering the conference room you were delighted by a really great Back to the Future decoration: the back of a life-size DeLorean, time travel boards from the inside of the car, the legendary clock and even the flux capacitor.



One of the central topics was e-voting, with a panel including hackers, legislators, lawyers and other interested parties and a specific talk explaining the failures of the e-voting system used in the last elections in the city.

The topics of the talks I enjoyed the most were:

  • How North Korea attacks South Korea.
  • How to clone cellphone cells.
  • How mobiles (Android and iOS) encrypt data on disk.
  • Fuzzing browsers: a guy crafted a file, opened it with Firefox, made it crash and run Windows Calculator.
  • Hacking cars in Latin America: about a problem with Chevrolet cars.
  • Crozono: a drone + a raspberry pi + a Python script: the drone flies near a wifi network, cracks it and using the internet, calls home giving access to the attacker.

IMG_3394 IMG_3531 IMG_3518 IMG_3483 IMG_3445 IMG_3547

My personal conclusion is that Ekoparty is a great place to meet new people and know about new technologies and techniques in an atmosphere of friendship and responsibility.

You can find out more about this edition searching for tweets with the hashtag #eko11.

Pictures by Matias Golini

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